In every household the festive season brings the Joy & connect them with the large family network. Every festival demands certain tradition and bring an opportunity to buy new things, create some wealth with savings. Same time we also need to understand that under certain circumstances than spending the money at one shot may be difficult and a short term savings of portion of the income helps at the time of need. When it is done as a group with a company, It enables us to get more out of the savings just by negotiating a better price at higher volumes.

This is the idea that is driving Gift Panda.

At Gift Panda, we are building Chennai's largest Gift Plan network for Savings towards a festival. We synergize the manufacturers in this festive season to drive the largest trusted network of Subscribers platform. Large base of subscribers under the various crafted plans, helps them to choose the right products for their festive needs. This also support us to negotiate the optimal price at best Quality. We are enabling this ecosystem with the support of brands that are known for their Quality and who are in the market for a long term with service & support network.

Our ecosystem will stand for three things Trust, Efficiency and Inclusion.

We are building the next generation systems where the trust is programmed across all the participating members in the network.

Gift Panda is backed by professionals in the industry who are having more than 20 Years of expertise in various domains and successful in their venture for more than a decade.

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